Tomato Moru Curry (Tomato & Yogurt Curry)

Thakkali Moru Curry

Here is an ultra simple recipe for Moru Curry (Seasoned Buttermilk Curry) made with Tomatoes. You don’t have to peel shallots or grate coconut for this recipe. It can be made in ten minutes and is a real time saver. This curry tastes excellent with Rice.

Tomato Moru Curry

So go ahead and try

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Moru Kachiyathu – Seasoned Buttermilk Curry

Kerala Moru Curry

Buttermilk (Moru) is an integral part of daily Kerala Cuisine. Whether it’s Sambharam, Pacha Moru, Kachiya Moru or Moru Curry – it is definitely favorite of many Keralites. Buttermilk Curry can be prepared in 2 ways:-

The first one is Moru Curry with Grated Coconut. The second one is the simple and humble Moru Kachiyathu

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